itQ Data Center

itQ Data Center

Medical Data Processing Centre ITQ Data Center is one of the largest data centers in Central Europe.

  • Level of reliability: TIER 3
  • Facility meets global standards for the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) and the data center (DC), with particular emphasis on the principle of "No single point of failure" principle.
  • The data center, network operations center (NOC)
  • Terminal network node - DWDM, SDH, Ethernet, and VOICE
  • DWDM links
  • Area: 5000 m 2
  • Server surface: 1300 m 2
  • Number of Racks: 512
  • Power supply 10 MW

itQ Data Center
Service models

MCPD provides:

  • rental of technical co-location
  • access to technical equipment in terms of computing power and storage space - the service model (IaaS called. Infrastructure as a Service)
  • access to technical equipment and standard software for the creation of dedicated applications - services model PaaS (platform as a service). They are designed to produce dedicated applications based on MCPD provided by standard software and computing power
  • Access to the software platform on which there are pre-prepared tools dedicated to the healthcare industry - services model Faas (Framework as a Service). In this model we provide, in addition to computing power and standard software, including application modules that contain the most recurrent features of the for the medical industry and enable the creation of services, which allows developers to increase their competitive advantage through the development of the functionality available on the market without having to re-create existing
  • group services consisting of the provision of services to end customers (eg. hospitals, clinics) in the form of custom and packaged applications. Services SaaS (called. Software as a Service)

itQ Data Center

The package offered to customers with applications ITQ Data Center has:

  • Applications HIS
  • Electronic Workflow
  • Support for corporate management
  • Electronic management of fixed assets
  • A document repository with the service access
  • The service independent electronic management of medical office
  • Digitization and storage of documents
  • IT platform (software) in order to provide modern e-services and application sharing in online (cloud computing)
  • Cluster servers and disk subsystem components and matrix
  • Collection services infrastructure to support electronic medical records, hospital management software to support an HIS (Hospital Information System - Hospital Information System)
  • Infrastructure and software to support the launch of innovative services like "The processing of medical data in the cloud" (Platform IP-BioMed)
  • Search data
  • Application domains intended for medical facilities, located in the "cloud" (such as RIS, LIS, FK, BI EOD)
  • Applications supporting the management of advanced clinical protocols in the process of introducing new drugs
  • The core network with load balancing devices and infrastructure, LAN, WAN and SAN
  • Servers with low, medium and high-performance computing
  • Disk arrays, including hardware and software used for backup

itQ Data Center
Consulting and Support

  • Consulting - Our consulting services are provided by one of the best Polish team of experts at the date Techno Park.
  • We also offer a range of professional services, including full maintenance, maintenance and management of telecommunications and IT services, including network hardware, operating systems, databases, as well as certain applications.
  • Remote hands (Remote Hands) available 24/7 - we dedicate a worker for the customer who will conduct necessary for the proper conduct of the service, action: install or uninstall devices plug and play, switching or restart your server, monitoring and reporting of server status via console or LED, exchange backup tapes or other routine tasks.

itQ Data Center

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